AgriSafe of the Albemarle

If you work or live on a farm, AgriSafe of the Albemarle can help YOU!

What is AgriSafe?

AgriSafe is a program designed to make life on the farm safer and healthier by making healthcare more accessible for farmers, their families and workers.

AgriSafe of the Albemarle serves Currituck, Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Chowan, Bertie, Gates, and Hertford Counties.

Our program strives to provide health and safety resources to increase access to preventive services for farm families and the agricultural community. This is then expanded through farm safety training and healthcare referrals to ensure you, your workers, and your family receive the specialized care and resources needed to enhance personal health.

Services are provided on the farm, at agricultural events, and other locations convenient to you. Health screenings and farm health/safety information are currently provided at no cost.

Screenings Provided

Respiratory Fit Testing Protecting yourself against respiratory hazards is the most important step you can take in keeping your lungs healthy. Respiratory fit testing is conducted to ensure that the respirator you are using to protect your lungs in your day to day work routine, is the appropriate fit and selection for the chemicals and/or dusts/molds  that you may be exposed to while working -- whether it is mandatory for your job or not, respiratory protection at all times is highly suggested to protect your lungs as much as possible!

Blood Pressure — High blood pressure is called the "silent killer" because it often has no warning signs or symptoms, and many people don't realize they have it. That's why it's important to get your blood pressure checked regularly.

Blood Sugar — Maintaining control over your blood sugar level is the best way to help prevent complications from diabetes, such as kidney and eye damage, as well as cardiovascular complications. Monitoring your blood glucose for changes that could indicate needed adjustments to diet and medication or that could be signals of other health complications.

Spirometry — Spirometry is a pulmonary function test performed to assess lung function and determine the degree of damage to the lungs, along with patient history and physical. These tests are critically important in the evaluation of respiratory health.

Hearing Screening — Hearing screening is a test to determine the presence of hearing loss. Hearing screening is easy and not painful.

Vision Screening— At certain points in your life, it is important to have your eyes examined -- even if your eyes feel fine and there doesn't seem to be a cause for concern. Some eye diseases are virtually symptomless until you start to lose vision, therefore, regular vision screening can help you address problems before they become major issues.

With your permission, our AgriSafe Nurse Coordinator will share abnormal screening results with your physician and follow-up with you to ensure that you have received the appropriate care. If you do not have a physician, we will assist you in locating one.

Contact AgriSafe

For additional information, resources, or to set up a screening at your site, please click on the following.

AgriSafe of the Albemarle believes that it is important for each individual to have a patient centered medical home to coordinate healthcare services.

Our AgriSafe of the Albemarle Nurse Coordinator:

  • is Certified Nationally as an AgriSafe provider, NIOSH Hearing Conservationist, and NIOSH Spirometry (lung function) Technician
  • understands the unique relationship between overall health/wellness and working in the agricultural environment

AgriSafe of the Albemarle is a collaborative involving the following partners:

Albemarle Regional
Health Services

NC Agromedicine Institute

AgriSafe of North Carolina

Hertford County Public
Health Authority