Albemarle Pediatric Asthma Coalition Activities

The Albemarle Pediatric Asthma Coalition, APAC, sponsored a public awareness campaign to recognize World Asthma Day (WAD) on May 2, 2011 and the month of May as Asthma Awareness month. The APAC is comprised of seven counties located in northeastern North Carolina and includes Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Gates, Pasquotank and Perquimans counties.

World Asthma Day banners were placed in each county at an intersection with high traffic visibility. Promotional signs in English and Spanish which read, “This Staff and our Families recognize May as Asthma Awareness month,” were displayed at the entrance of schools, childcare centers and medical providers’ offices. 

Three new billboards, located strategically throughout the seven-county area, publicize the message to increase the public’s awareness related to asthma. The billboards’ messages list three steps in maintaining good asthma management. One billboard is translated in Spanish.

Due to the need for additional education and management of a child’s asthma with regard to correctly identifying and understanding the differences in the use of control and rescue asthma medication, the APAC undertook a project of creating asthma medication stickers.  These stickers will assist with the easy recognition between rescue and controller medications and were designed with the use of clipart and color to distinguish the difference between the two medications.  These stickers were delivered to 40 pharmacies in the seven-county ARHS region as well as to pharmacies in Dare and Hertford counties.

Please ask your pharmacist, provider, school nurse or child care provider for these stickers or contact your area Pediatric Asthma Care Manager for a supply.  Contact information below.


The APAC sponsored the expansion of the NC School Bus Anti-idling policy to include voluntarily posting Anti-idling signs on their campus in the car cue traffic loops. This project was extended to Child Care Centers this year.  This project encourages “No-Idling” zones at participating Child Care Centers, where parents drop off and pick up their children.  The North Carolina Division of Air Quality has generously provided signs for this project. 

The goals of this project are to accomplish the following:

  • Create a healthier, less stressful drop-off and pick-up experience for children, students, parents, teachers and administrators.
  • Reduce the number of child care and school absences from asthma-related issues.
  • Cleaner air!

For more information regarding the above events and information, please contact;
Gayle Olson, RN, at 252-338-4369 or by email at

Janet Capehart, RT, 252-794-6658 or by email at