North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD)

The North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD) provides an opportunity for the local health directors across North Carolina to network and collaborate to enhance public health efforts across the state by working in conjunction with one another and partners at the state level.


The mission of this Association is "To promote health, prevent disease, protect the environment in order to ensure the public's health in North Carolina through leadership, vision, advocacy, and commitment to the principles of public health practice in our local communities and throughout the state."

Objectives of the Association

  • Strengthen the capacity of local health directors and fully implement the principles of public health practice
  • Promote improvements in laws and regulations to support the mission
  • Seek public and private resources necessary to accomplish the mission and to assure an equitable allocation of resources to address community health needs in North Carolina communities
  • Provide leadership and advocacy in support of public health issues
  • Represent local public health on a statewide basis and build coalitions with other related statewide organizations and associations
  • Foster innovation in local health departments through the exchange of ideas and consultation among local directors.

In order to enhance the work and mission of public health and local health departments, the NCALHD provides multiple opportunities for the establishment of partnerships through regional working groups and committees.